Its such a bad word.

My mom taught one thing above all else, fight for them.  Them, are they. But the little they. The they that don’t understand or accept the Big they.


Seems Like Forever

Its so unusual at this stage of my life to feel as though time has been moving slow.  My whole life has been a blur.  I blinked once and I was 30, I sneezed twice, wiped my nose and found out I’m 2 ounces shy of a 40.  But in 11 days, it will be one year since my mom finally let go.  While I remember every second like I’m living it, Dani’s tone on the phone while my back was to her while putting on my socks, the smell of the car when while we drove, and obviously the song on the radio that still reverberates every time I think of that day, it all seems like so long ago.

Blogs never work

Here we go again. How can the world survive without hearing my intimate thoughts, feelings and general wrongness you ask? Easily, but that still will not stop me. I’m relentless, hard working and passionate about my wrong ideas and will shout them from the toilet as often as I remember. So greetings and welcome to the place the magic happens, live from my Glassboro Bathroom in beautiful New Jersey, The Sunshine State..